Nordic Fragments – Fly as never before

Single release: March 17, 2023, featuring Trio Ismena:
– Monika Malmquist, violin
– Ida Nørholm, cello
– Christine Raft, piano
Commissioned by and dedicated to Trio Ismena
Cover photo: Anne Helene Sandner
The music is composed with support from Koda Culture and Augustinus Fonden
World premiere: June 1, 2021, by Ensemble Adapter, at Concert Hall of Biblioteket, Rentemestervej 76, Copenhagen NV, Denmark
See the online score:

Fly as never before is nature as an image of inner life. The music revolves around a psychological state, an awareness of fragments, and feeling free as if you are flying. It has a relaxing atmosphere, a peaceful mood, and melancholic melodies. A kind of ambient, classical crossover. It is the fifth movement of my coming album Nordic Fragments, which is connected to the aesthetic in “Nordic Broken” released in April 2022. Please listen here to Nordic nature in a psychological interpretation. The release is supported by Koda Kultur, and the composition is supported by Augustinus Fonden and Koda Kultur.