Suite Résonance

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Release: January 6, 2023, featuring George Vassilev, classical guitar
Commissioned by and dedicated to George Vassilev
The music is composed with support from the Danish Arts Foundation
The release is supported by KODA Kultur and the Danish Arts Foundation
World premiere: November 7, 2015, Grande Salle, HEMU Site de Sion, Switzerland
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Suite Résonance is music for classical guitar & ambient electronics. The music has intense emotions, melancholic melodies, and dramatic drones. The theme is the classical suite in contemporary interpretation.

My point of departure is the baroque suite with its characteristic dance movements. The challenge is to maintain the original structure while composing music with a contemporary, relevant expression. The result is a mixed style between new classical acoustic music, ambient music, and electronica. The music is multifaceted, as each movement has its own special focus: the melodic plaintive, dramatic drone, melancholic electronica, Spanish passion, and emotional character.